By: Asad Butt
Last Updated: December 22, 2018

Leads Purchasing Drains Hard Earned Revenue Off The Removal Companies. Lead Acquisition And Conversion Needs To Be Innovated. How Can We Do This?

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Anyone in the removal industry knows there is time for a change. Change, in fact, is long overdue. We have innovation and disruption in every other industry out there over the last decade. With the removal industry, the only thing that has changed is that now removal companies paying comparison websites for leads. Losing more of their hard-earned revenue going in fees. For movers, not much really.

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Who Are We?

We are a tiny startup with a mission to improve the removal industry. Or precisely, solve the problems faced by removal companies. This might sound like something you'd heard of.. many many times before.

But wishmove is different.

To start with, we are a small removal company ourself. House moves, office moves, short/long distant removals... You name it.

We have been involved, in and out of all aspects related to a removal execution. The point is, we've been through this, day in day out and we know like most other sister removal companies that system is broken and something needs to be done.

For Taxis, we've got Uber. For rentals, we've got Airbnb, for deliveries, we've goe Diliveroo and UberEats. For House removals ??

Now, our aim is not to create an app, bring all removal companies on board, allocate jobs, take a cut and make money...

No, this absolutely not what we aim for.

The Problem(s)

You, like any removal companies out there, know the drill.

If you are not one of the few big players out there, do not have resources to spend on customer services, marketing, search engine optimization for your website and other things... you are left with...

... buying expensive leads and trying your luck.

Average lead passed over to a removal company cost £7.

The average success rate for a medium size company with a strong sales department is 20%.

I-e £35 per job going to comparison websites, who sell you leads.

For a small company with no or weak sales department, the conversion rate for leads is less than 10%.

I-e £70 every job.

For a removal job worth £350 this is 20% in commission. After doing all the work:

  • You have to place calls
  • You have to book surveys.
  • You have to negotiate and provide quotations.
  • You have to provide insurance
  • Vehicle maintenance, wages, fuel, Van insurance, office rentals ...

You name's all on you.

How much we end up getting? Definitely not a fair share

It's even more of a sad story for small companies run by hard-working individuals who cannot communicate well due to language barriers or lack of sales skill. The success rate is not even 5% for leads conversion.

Lead costs can shoot up over £100 for every removal job they win.

This why many of us end up giving up on buying leads as a source of work.

This is why comparison companies keep chasing with offers for cheaper leads which are worth nothing.

We all know these removal professionals are

  • passionate
  • hard working
  • providing great service

And this is not a fair system.

I hope you agree, this is not how this should be done.


So what is our great idea? We don't have one yet ... or not a final one .. but we know the problem inside out.

And have a new approach towards solving it. For all of us.

We are in the quest of developing an effective system for all us, together with the help from removal companies, taking their advice, and feedback along the journey, and we definitely will make it work for all of us.

To start with, We have three areas we would work to improve.

  1. No good removal company should be left out for lack of sales skills or language barriers.
  2. The process of site survey and quotation should be simplified and transparent for both removal company and the mover.
  3. The removal company should not end up paying a huge amount of money for every job they win
  4. Wishmove will be a company, by the removal companies, for the removal companies.

Final Words

We, like many other removal companies, are sick and tired of paying for useless and expensive leads. This could be done better. We do all the work. Provide great service and put smiles on people faces. But comparison companies take all the money.

For now, you can share your thoughts with us on facebook and twitter for any better ideas and things you would like to see. We are always listening.

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