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Self Storage Can Be A Good Option For Varying Reasons. Top 15 Reason People Are Using Self Storage Units In 2019

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More and more people are using self-storage units. With spaces getting congested, here are a few reasons to convince you why self-storage might be a better

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Following are commonly used storage unit sized in Feet with 5 x 10, 10 x 10 and 10 x 20 being the most papular.

5 x 10 Feet  = Size of a large walk-in closet
10 x 10 Feet = Size of a small bedroom
10 x 20 Feet = Size of a Garage or driveway
15 x 20 Feet = Size of a large bedroom
20 x 20 Feet = Size of a container

With 10 x 10 Feet Self Storage Unit being the most papular, here are some facts.

How big is a 10 x 10 storage unit?

A 10 x 10 Feet self storage unit can be used to comfortably hold the contents of a two bedroom apartment. The space equals a large living room, or master bedroom and if used wisely, this space is enough for most items used by a small family like:

  • 2-3 mattress
  • A few bookcases
  • Dismantelled beds
  • A table set
  • A sofa set
  • Electrical appliances like a washing machine and fridge could easily fit in this space with a few extras

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What is the cost of self storage units in the north of UK (2019)?

 Duation       10 x 5      10 x 10     10 x 20         
 1 Week      | £27        | £44        | £69        
 1 Month     | £60        | £98        | £153       
 2 Months    | £121       | £197       | £306     
 3 Months    | £243       | £394       | £612     
 6 Months    | £607       | £986       | £1530     
 12 Months   | £1336      | £2169      | £3360     

What is the cost of self storage units in central London (2019)?

Central is expensive interms of any thing. Self storage prices are higher as well.

 Duation       10 x 5      10 x 10     10 x 20         
 1 Week      | £40        | £65        | £90        
 1 Month     | £120       | £200       | £275       
 2 Months    | £210       | £300       | £450     
 3 Months    | £400       | £600       | £900     
 6 Months    | £750       | £1000      | £1800     
 12 Months   | £1400      | £2000      | £3500     

*Note – storage prices are based on estimates from Titan Storage Solutions branches, prices quoted are for reference purposes only, obtain a quote to get an accurate storage cost for your needs.

Here are the 15 most common reasons why people would consider ussing the self storage units and why is a better option.

1. The space at home is Not Enough

People are connected to their stuff. It is not usual that people are very much reluctant to banish their belongings even if these are not in use any longer. It is even difficult if these belongings are in a good condition. "Just in case", they will need it any time in the future or maybe they can be put into a better use for someone else in the future, it is better to keep them.

All sort of things. An old bed, furniture, kitchen equipment, an old bike, you name it. Things are not cheap, spending money on something again in the future is not a sensible thing for many people.

2. When moving a house

Many times people have to maintain a temporary residence in the process of moving to a new house. Like selling before buying a new house for example. They need to hold their stuff temporarily until they have a new place to settle. A storage unit comes in handy. Whenever they are ready, they can just collect their stuff and furnish the new place. It is of course more of a hassle and costs if you sell and buy all or some of the stuff for your new place.

3. Renovating the house

It is always a good idea clear the place and provide enough room for the builders to carry out a renovation. It is also necessary for the safety for the builders and also for preventing the damage to your items. When the work is finished you can collect and refurbish back again.

4. Home Extensions

Lots of people extend their homes as moving might not be an option. Extensions are time-consuming. You can always rely on self-storage and avoid any problems. The cases similar to renovation but a lot more material and work are needed. Better to keep it clear for workers safety and the safety of your goods.

5. Downsizing to a smaller property

Sometimes, people move a house which is smaller than the previous one. For example, moving into London into a similar sized property like you had in Manchester could cost you multiple times both in terms of rent or purchase. For many, the option is to downsize. But many times people have plans to relocate later at some stage. They can easily park their stuff in storage and recollect when they have space for it. Holding £10,000 furniture in storage for £ 1000 a year is more sensible then selling it on less than half price and rebuying similar a year later for £10,000 plus inflation adjustments.

6. A baby is on the way

Having a baby can change all the dynamics and structure of your current accommodation. you might need to completely clear a room according to the newborns need or make the home safer and put in all the new necessary stuff like a cot.

What to do now about the existing bed? and the desk and the cabinets. Just keep them in the storage, the baby will need the bed in 3 years time and you can just collect and refurbish the room accordingly.

7. For storing tools and equipment

Many people have a huge collection of equipment and tools for use in the garden, carpentry items, machine tools etc. And you might not use them that often either. You can always store your equipment and tools in a storage unit and collect them whenever you have a project to work on and return when it's complete, without creating any clutter and disturbance and freeing up space.

8. Seasonal items

Lots of things you use are a seasonal for example the garden furniture. You might have only 4 months of summer to enjoy, why not keep the furniture off your garden and into the store during the rest of the year. It will not only give you more space in your garden but also keep your furniture from normal wear and tear from the elements hence increasing they're life.

9. Temporarily moving abroad

Many times people have to leave their usual place of residence and go away for longer. for work or study etc. If you have a well-maintained house which you have built and maintained over the years, it might be a good idea to rent it out for the duration of your stay overseas. You can park your belongings and furniture into a storage unit and rent out the house. This way when you return, you will have the same house with the same settings as you left. Keeping in mind, going through the hassle of buying all the stuff again and setting up your house again is probably not something one is looking for, right after returning.

10. When your children move out

A time comes when one by one all of your kids will have to take the flight. After every move there might be the need of some changes. For example, the older kid who leaves at 18 had left behind a lot of furniture which could be put into the use when you're the younger kid who is six, grows up. But you would like to use that room and extra space in the meantime. You can plan for the long-term and put the stuff you do not need for now into the storage. Long-term storage contracts are cheaper than the short-term contracts so chances are it is not going to cost you that much.

11. If your relationship status has changed

At the end of a relationship, in the case when the partners are cohabitating, one has to move out. If that is the case, one has to arrange for the storage of their belongings until life gets back to normal. Storage can come in handy. It can provide a secure resting place which is bulky or highly valued and cannot be carried along from a point to point.

12. Clearing a house

There can be a situation where one of your loved ones passes away. You are not only left to pick up the pieces but you might also be responsible for managing the property and the stuff, left behind. Many people like to keep the stuff as a memory of the loved ones.

Or you might need to sell the property and a better way to sell is to clear it and make it presentable. You can move the stuff to the storage and carry on with the other important things. And later on when you have time you can think of what to do with it.

12. Running out of space

Running out of space is one of the very common reasons people like to park their stuff into a storage unit. You may run out of space for various reasons.

One of our neighbors always kept any items which broke down like electricals, furniture etc. The reason being, the high cost of recycling and hope that one day they'll get them fixed and running again and put into use again. They didn't keep all the stuff but only the ones which had a chance of getting back to life again.

At one point they were running out of space. On their next available holiday, this spared some time and got everything fixed and then moved all the repaired stuff to storage. temporarily, before selling it online.

Another one of our neighbors rented two of the rooms over Airbnb during the summer and moved the extra stuff to storage and brought it back after the tourist season was over.

13. Keeping things secure

The storage units provide better security than homes, no doubt. Many of the features come as standard when it comes to the storage, like fencing, gated entry, manned entry, security camera etc We all know the things are never safe in the yard. Even the storage sheds in the backyard or not that safe and often get broken into. A small price for a safe storage unit will give you peace of mind and added security for your items. And remember there is insurance in place. Another reason to sleep well and not waking up to the disturbance in the backyard, in the middle of the night.

14. Safty for children

Many items are off limits for children like power Tools, ladders, electric drills, rose, drilling machines etc. Children are curious by nature specially the boys. And you are not always looking. It can be a good idea to store these items in the storage to keep them away from children or to avoid any accidents. Whenever you have a project you can always bring the tools home and return them back to you storage when finished.

15. Your Hobby is none of your wife's interest

There are things you like to do what you are passionate about but constant nagging by your wife about the space you and the time you spend in the shed is never-ending. So if you are hobby is collecting some vintage stuff like old models of electric drills or you have a large collection of fishing rods, it might be a good idea to store it in a self storage to avoid any surprises when you return home to know all you stuff has been sold on eBay (This can happen).

Many people have a hobby and interest which might be expensive like speed boats, quad bikes, bicycles, a Vintage car or maybe a Caravan. It is not safe if you do not have end of the road drive a car garage to park. But you can always use the storage facility which provide space for vehicles. You can also talk your favourite at 11 for where it is safe and get it. You're not going on a wild West trip every other month, are you ?

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