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Why should you visit Richmond, London in 2019? We have compiled a list of places for a memorable visit.

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Richmond is a beautiful, leafy oasis in the south-west of London, built around a sweeping river meander of Richmond-upon-Thames. It consists of a large number of beautiful parks, open spaces, and stunning views. There is no shortage of places to qualify for best places to spend your time but our team has shortlisted following

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As Sir David Attenborough puts it: "Richmond is my favorite place on Earth"'.

Richmond is a hint of freshness and touch of a countryside in the middle of a concrete jungle of London. It is around 8 miles from Central London but very well connected with high-speed train and road links. It provides everything for a usual day out from the hustle of the metropolis. Culture, scenic outdoors, fine dining and busy nightlife. Richmond is a family-friendly place to live and visit.

Richmond residents are the happiest of all of the United Kingdom

It’s not hard to see why residents in Richmond tend to be among the happiest. Following are some of the few reasons:

  • All Top brands and upscale shops have a presence in Richmond
  • Many of the high-end restaurants and cuisines have a presence in Richmond
  • Its located at the best-maintained meander of the great River Thames
  • It has one of the Lowest crime rates in London and UK
  • Highest ratio of numbers of parks and green spaces to people

So what are the places not to be missed?

1. Richmond Park

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Richmond Park is of both national and international importance for both wildlife and nature conservation. Richmond Park is one of the largest Site of Scientific Interest. It is also a National Nature Reserve and a Special Area of Conservation. It is also the site for ancient trees of great historic value.

It is an incredible environment in the middle of the bustling City of London, created by centuries preservation, care and by natural grazing by herds of red and fallow deer.

Your visit may offer you bounties such as View of several mammals like Fox, Rabbit, Shrew, Mice, Vole and Deer, of course, Bats, 144 species of birds including 63 breeding species, including the range of waterfowl and all three native woodpeckers, kestrels, owls.

2. Richmond Riverside

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Richmond is situated on a meander of the Great river Thames which provides extensive frontage, especially around Richmond Bridge. It has many bars and restaurants facing the riverside and providing excellent scenery and beautiful views. Riverside area owes much of its Georgian styled builds. Within the river are the leafy Corporation Island and then another two small Flowerpot Islands.

Along with, the Thames-side walkway provides access to pubs and roof terraces, various green lanes and footpaths. There are tracks along both sides of the river and are always bustling with pedestrians, joggers, and cyclists.

One can Indulge in a lunch at one of the riverside restaurants or relax with a tasty pint at a historical pub, with excellent views.

Riverside and open spaces are a delightful place for a stroll its proximity to central London makes it very accessible. All the buildings that along the riverside are stunning.

3. Richmond Green

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Also, in close proximity is Richmond Green. It is very much square in shape, open grassland, well framed with broadleaf trees. It is of twelve acres in area. It's is connected to Richmond riverside by Old Palace Lane makes it an absolute picnic spot.

It has a long history of hosting sporting events. Since the 16th century, tournaments and archery contests have taken place on here. It is also a popular venue for local and county level cricket matches since the mid 18th century continuing to the present day.

It is also said that it used to be the top location for hosting jousting competitions. Various festivities take place non stop throughout the year which includes the May Fair and Victorian Evening at Christmas time. On any summer weekends or public holidays the Richmond Green is packed with local residents and visitors.

There is also a cricket pitch for the sport of cricket and the site is known to be the venue for county-level cricket tournament for at least 100 years.

4. Richmond Hill

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A soothing view from Richmond Hill, London

Richmond Hill offers the only view in the country to be protected by an act of Parliament.

Richmond Hill View is painted and forever preserved by some very well known artists of their times such as Sir Joshua Reynolds and J. M. W. Turner. In his own words, Sir Walter Scott described it as "an unrivaled landscape". and who don't know William Wordsworth / This is how he narrates his fondness for Richmond Hill:

"Fame tells of groves – from England far away – Groves that inspire the Nightingale to trill And modulate, with a subtle reach of skill Elsewhere unmatched, her ever-varying lay; Such bold report I venture to gainsay: For I have heard the quire of Richmond Hill"

The view down to the sinuous Thames is quite stunning on a clear day. The scenic panorama may be viewed from Terrace Walk on top of the hill. One can find a secluded spot and spend some or all day which could be very refreshing and comforting.

5. Isabella Plantation Richmond Park

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Isabella Plantation is a woodland garden in Richmond Park in south-west London. It is managed by The Royal Parks. The Isabella Plantation is a 40-acre woodland garden set within a Victorian woodland plantation planted in the 1830's. One of the unique things about this plantation is that the site is managed very much with nature in mind and the gardens are run on organic principles. So if you into horticulture, nature or even just a gardening enthusiast, this site will offer you a lot to love and enjoy.

6. Ham house Richmond London

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Ham House is a historic house situated by the River Thames, south of Richmond. As by National Trust: It is "unique in Europe as the complete survival of 17th-century fashion and power."The building is on National Heritage List for England as a Grade I listed building. Its park and formal gardens are listed at Grade II* by Historic England in the Register of Historic Parks and Gardens.

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