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What People Value Most In An Ideal Home In 2019

Perfect Home | Ideal Home

Perfect home has a variable definition across the globe. We have shortlisted the most important things on the list for an ideal home.

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What is a perfect home?

A perfect home is where you feel satisfied, comfortable and safe.

It doesn't matter if it's small or large, in the city enter or suburbs, in Newyork or the in the middle of the wild west. It is about where you feel at home.

There are many characteristics of an ideal home but very few houses are truly perfect or very few think that their house is perfect. Ask anyone and they will say, there a room for improvement.

While everyone has it's own wishlist, we surveyed and shortlisted the most common features, everyone can agree to.

Top things people would like in their ideal home:

  1. Provision of quiet enjoyment
  2. Large living area
  3. More natural light
  4. Safe and secure parking space
  5. Proximity to the schools, shopping and amenities
  6. Good transport links
  7. More bathrooms the better
  8. Outdoor entertaining areas / living space
  9. More in-house Storage
  10. Mod and cons
  11. Serving pantry / butler's pantry / a utility room
  12. Single-level house
  13. Elevator for apartments

"Ensuites are important across the board, as are kitchens that flow easily onto covered outdoor entertaining areas," said Rich Harvey, president of REBAA.

Provision of quiet enjoyment

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This is the top priority by almost every resident and it makes sense. Life is fast-paced and is comparatively harder these days. After a long day at work and after going through the hassle of day to day activities, we all need a place where can be in peace, feel comfortable and safe.

Quiet enjoyment means there should be no disturbance. Quiet enjoyment also includes the provision of complete privacy. The importance of the provision of the right to 'quiet enjoyment' is so crucial that it is specifically stated in the Housing Act of 1988

The UK law defines the right to 'quiet enjoyment' as an entitlement for tenants to live and enjoy a rental property, peacefully and in a comfortable environment, without any interference from the landlord, letting agent or any representative on their behalf.

Landlord Access Rights And Permissions

Large living area

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More space, the better. Most of us spend our time in living rooms. Whether it's a cozy night in for a movie or entertaining friends or spending family time together, the living room is the most used space in the house.

Over the years, with the advancement of entertainment technology, most homes have high-quality entertainment systems. Huge TVs, Netflix, Cable TV, and Tablets, you name it. We spend a lot of time with our gadgets.

Another thing which has made staying home a chosen option is the rise of, quick and easy food delivery services. It has become ever more convenient and cheaper to order something delivered to your home, with a tap of a button and you have a lot of variety to choose from.

No wonder parks and public houses have seen a huge reduction in footfall over the last decades.

It makes sense to have a large living room. People prefer to stay at home as everything they need is available in the comfort of their home.

What is a good living area space?

For a large living area, a space of 18 x 24 feet is reasonable. You can comfortably accommodate between 8 and 10 people, depending on the event.

For seating, this space can easily accommodate a three-unit sofa set:

3 seater + 2 seater + 2 single units.

More natural light

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Natural light is what people opt for over artificial light if they have the option.

Not only it's free, which saves you on electric costs but it's effect and feel is way better than light bulbs as well.

Natural light is also good for your health.

Unfortunately, many homes are not built with maximizing natural light in mind. It is not always easy to remodel your home to maximize natural light.

However, you can take a few steps which could help you improve the natural light in your house:

  • Choose thin, translucent curtains in sheer fabrics as your linings
  • Paint the walls Ceiling in light, neutral colors with white and cream tones
  • Paint Your overhangs created by your roof / Eaves in white color to reflect natural light into your home
  • Use high gloss paint walls to reflect more light inside
  • Try using the mirror as a whole side wall
  • Where ever possible, use glass or reflective tiles In rooms, kitchen, and bathrooms.
  • You can also make space in walls and replace that space with glass blocks.
  • Try installing skylights in your ceiling on the top floor.

Secure and free parking space

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More and more of us have access to cars these days. Though the emphasis is on ditching your car and going green that is something may be common in the distant future. Going green by using public transport and a switch to vehicles dependant on green energy are taking traction side by side.

Looks like we will still have cars but electric ones as a preferred mode of transport, at least for a foreseeable future.

And if we are going to switch to electric vehicles in coming years, the importance of a free and secure parking space, presumably in your garage or driveway is going to to be ever more necessary.

Electric cars are going to be expensive which means a need for a safer place to park. You will also need to charge them overnight as well using your own electric source. Hence a driveway, garage or designated parking space is and will be vital.

Proximity to the schools, shopping, and amenities

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Buyers will pay almost €5,000 extra to live close to a primary school. Buyers will pay €25,540 extra to be close to a primary school in south county Dublin. proximity to schools affects house prices |

Schools are important. The other place than your home where your children spend most time at, other than home. We can say it's like another home for them.

Being in close proximity is vital. It is easier to pick and drop children from school, easier to attend events, meetings and interact with school staff and teachers regarding any issues or advice.

Shopping is one of the necessities as well. Having a supermarket in close proximity is very convenient. On the other hand, being a neighbor to a large shopping mall or a supermarket can be very inconvenient.

A reasonable, commutable distance from a shopping center is one of the things many people value in an ideal home. If a shopping place is 24/7, that is a huge plus.

Findings indicate that shopping-center size exerts a positive contributory effect on values

Shopping centres and house values |

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Transport links are vital. Not only local transport but intercity as well. Good transport links can have a huge impact on the price of property because It is a convenience.

Think for example cross rail for London and Slough.

The town of Slough is only 18 minutes from Paddington station in London and next to the Heathrow airport, one of the biggest and busiest in the world.

Slough is on its way to becoming even more well connected to London, thanks to the Crossrail project. Crossrail will make it even 24 minutes quicker to get to Canary Wharf, one of the two financial districts in London.

It is predicted that property prices for areas within one mile of the Crossrail station can expect priced to rise by almost 36 percent in just one year of the connection becoming functional.

Why is that? A good transport link to London is already attracting many to this comparatively cheaper but easily accessible town in the west of London.

Not only the train links but three fast lane highways M40, M25 and A4 also connect slough to London.

If you live in slough or surrounding areas, you can always avoid a roadblock, by using one or the other motorways.

A house with more bathrooms is better

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Having larger bathrooms and if possible more bathrooms are on the wish list of nearly every homeowner.

Many now prefer an attached bath or if possible a private bathroom for all residents of the house.

Having larger and or more bathrooms can be costly but extra bathrooms can upgrade your home value, more than £10,000 for each bathroom.

Having an extra bathroom can make your house more saleable as well, according to a survey conducted with estate agents.

Another interesting fact is: If a property has more than four bedrooms, which means quite a number of people would be living in that property, such property is expected to have more than one bathrooms to accommodate everyone's needs.

If there is not enough space or funds for extra bathroom an extra toilet or a shower room can help as well.

Recent research by HSBC concluded that just adding a basic, extra bathroom may add at minimum £3,500 to a property’s value,

Average cost: £4,900
Average profit: £2,350
Return on investment: 48 percent

Outdoor entertaining areas / living space

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Times have changed and so has the taste. Nowadays, the outdoor living space is more than a place for BarBQ or occasional sitting over the weekend. outdoor living space is becoming an extension of the regular living room as more and more people are spending time at home.

You can even see televisions, custom kitchens, custom home offices and even study rooms being integrated into outdoor living space.

One of the reason is the advancement of technology. For example, lightweight, hangable, wifi connected smart televisions can be easily installed anywhere you like, so why not outside in the living area?

And we discussed custom kitchens, it is now possible to have kitchen appliances, installed outdoors, made of stainless steel like refrigerators and cookers which are resistant to weather and elements.

More and more homeowners are incorporating landscapes into their out door living area and it adds a lot of value to a property. It not only adds value but also enhances your living area and ultimately, you get an improved quality of life and experience.

A good landscaping company can even help you add a character to your property, making it much more desirable for prospective buyers.

Having a great out door living area has another benifit. you do not need to worry if there is enough space inside to accommodate large crowds or fear that your living room would be trashed after a night long party.

More in house Storage

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Having enough storage in your house is a necessity. It not only saves money off renting an external storage unit, but it also saves time, to and from the storage facility.

Most commercial storage units offer 24/7 access but it is not always convenient to travel often to the facility. You might have added costs for transport if you need to hire a van etc.

Here are a few ideas to maximize and utilize space for storage in your home:

  • Install shelves near the ceiling in your bedroom.
  • Use binder clips onto your desk to avoid cluttered cables
  • Use Clothes rack in every room
  • Use hanging laundry hampers instead
  • Use hanging shoe racks
  • Uses beds and furniture with storage compartments and drawers
  • Stack your least used stuff like suitcases and container and use the top as shelves
  • Always buy square containers as they can fit together and save space
  • Place your dish drying racks inside cabinets
  • keeps a fold-out ironing board in a drawer

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