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Last Updated: September 20, 2018

Moving Home Assessment By Removal Companies And Why Is It Helpful

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The Internet has made access to information easier and assessments and calculations are vastly carried out online or over the phone. Still, lots of tasks require on-site, physical assessment and provide a more accurate sense of things to be done to avoid surprises and issues.

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Normally, the process of quotation begins with filling up an online form and passing your details to the moving companies. Every moving company has its own assessment process. Their four types or combinations of types of surveys, moving companies rely on.

  1. Self-survey (client generated)
  2. The online survey (client generated)
  3. Phone survey
  4. Home survey

Remember: All Surveys should be offered free of charge and quotations should always be in the form of no obligation quotes

Self Survey

Usually, the client is provided with a multiple-choice styled questionnaire in a ‘tick sheet’ format. The client provides the inventory list and other estimates. This form of assessment usually is the most inaccurate and leads to issues and surprises. Client and movers both see the tasks and workload from opposite angles and build a different picture of the task and load ahead which is usually is in the form of their own favor. When the actual moving time arrives, there are disputes and conflicts and mostly not a happy ending.

Online Survey

In this type, the client completes an online inventory form and submits through to the removal company. The process is much faster and automated nature of the process helps reduce costs a little bit level of accuracy is still not improved and same issues remain as above though quoted price might be a bit cheaper.

Phone Survey

Upon receiving the quotation request, a survey agent or a staff member will speak with the client over the phone. As surveyors are usually expert in their domain, they can usually ask the right questions to build the right picture of the task. This will provide the moving company with better estimates. This type of survey does not reduce price because moving company always adds additional costs, in case there is misinformation and also cost of the survey is added (though hidden) to the final bill. On the other hand, this type of survey helps to avoid confusion and surprises if the information exchanged is accurate.

In Home / Site / Physical Survey

A consultant will visit the premises upon the quotation request. Consultants usually are expert on the matter. This is usually the most accurate form of surveying and can lead to a fixed quotation from a reputable professional removals company. A standard site visit usually carries out following checks in detail.

  • They have standard checklists to go through and can make a precise list for inventory.
  • They can accurately take measurements on passageways, halls, staircases, elevators, floors plans and individual rooms.
  • They will assess parking conditions and restrictions on both, moving from and to sites.
  • They will also calculate not only the volume but the weight of stuff to be moved to comply with any health and safety, legal and insurance requirements and to avoid any accidents and damages.
  • They will discuss in detail client needs and services required and can provide with suggestions to reduce the costs.
  • They can also advise with available options and services for recycling and disposal of unwanted items.
  • They try their best not to leave any concerns unturned and try to build an accurate picture of the task ahead as possible and then provide accurate quotations which are very precise and mostly much cheaper.

Although it is very tempting and usually appears to be time saver to obtain a number of quotations online without assessments, it is crucial to obtain a precise estimate, a site survey is the only way to guarantee a smooth execution of moving process, getting the right price, understanding the process accurately and avoid any surprises and issues.

If you request home survey, be prepared to answer following questions to save time.

  • Date of relocation
  • Moving address
  • Delivery address (with details)
  • Any stop over ? (i.e. storage unit etc)
  • Packing requirements
  • Packing material requirements
  • Packing Service requirements
  • Furniture dismantling and assembly
  • Clearance / disposal of unwanted items.
  • Any recycling / donation to charity services.
  • Cleaning Services requirements
  • Storage services requirements
  • Fragile items, heavy loads, hazardous materials requiring specialist equipment and or expertise.
  • Any items to be added later
  • Any items to be possibly removed later
  • Special requirements (like pet relocations )
  • Need transport services for residents

Always try to provide surveyor with as much information possible. Try to accurately answer any questions asked by surveyor. Carry out a detailed discussion with surveyor and do not hesitate to ask for any advice. Most good companies include free services in their basic packages like furniture dismantling and assembly which you might not abe aware of.

A face to face meeting with surveyor is the only way to assess the professionalism and experience of the moving company as they are the face of the company. You should also ask for previous feedbacks, qualifications, and proof of experience. Just remember, a good survey is the key and forms the basis for successful and stress free move.

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