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Moving And Packing Items For DIY Move. Make Your Move Simple

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What items are necessary for efficient and professional grade packing? A Complied list of survival items. Also includes links for How To guides

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Apart from muscle power for lifting, one always wonders what items are necessary for efficient and professional grade packing for stuff, from kitchenware to garden furniture. We have compiled a small but compulsory items list you will be needing to carry out the task one always dreads. You should start gathering this item in advance.

1. Boxes, lot's of them

We didn't need to tell you that. Well, you not only need a lot of boxes but you also need the right boxes. The best way to do is to make an estimate of how many will you need, and also of what type. Different items need a different kind of packaging. One size doesn't fit all here. Also, having the correct estimate and buying in bulk can save you money instead of running to your nearest supplies for a few more every time you run out.

2. Use duct tapes for sealing the boxes

The masking tape has its weaknesses. It cannot be used for sealing and strength. Duct tape is more sticky due to the stronger glue used in it. It also has a reinforcement with extra cloth or plastic material which makes it extremely resilient. It provides reinforcements when the boxes have to hold the heavy loads.

3. Use paper tapes for labeling

It is better to use paper tapes rather than post-it notes which usually would fall off during the move. Paper tapes come in varying grades sizes with different adhesion value and the paper thickness.

4. Use Permanent markers for labels

Do not to use non-permanent markers for labeling. Always use permanent markers along with paper tapes to label your items. When you are done with unpacking, the paper tape would easily come off the boxes which you can resale or recycle.

5. Use Plastic or shrink wraps for furniture and clothes

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Plastic wraps are made specifically for moving purpose. These work for both commercial and domestic items. Plastic wraps have the ability to hold things together, better than any other packing material. It is, in fact, the best and the most efficient material available for packing and holding heavy items.

Due to its stretchy property, it is strongly tear-resistant when you apply multiple layers.

There are many good uses for the plastic wrap. You can use it to hold the bits of the furniture together which can be a huge problem. For example, things like furniture with drawers and doors like desks, cupboards, and tables.

It also provides a layer of protection by providing a complete cover for items. Like sofas and mattresses. You can even use it to keep the parts of your dismantle furniture together at one place which would make it easier to move without losing any parts on the move.

6. Use Bubble wraps for items with corners and faragile items

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Use the bubble wrap for providing cushioning with the items with edges. Also, use the bubble wrap to provide cushioning for fragile items like kitchenware. One thing to remember is that many people make a mistake when they use bubble wrap. If you have noticed, one side of the bubble wrap is a plane, flat surface and the other side has the bubbles.

When packing, your items need to rest on the bubbles not the other way around.

7. Toolkit for furniture disassembly and assembly

Disassembling or assembling furniture is not that difficult as it looks like. Unless you have any furniture which is high end or extremely heavy, you would be able to do it yourself or with the help of an assistant in most cases.

A basic toolkit can do the job for you. It doesn't need to be of professional grade.

A basic toolkit like supa tool kit from home base contains all the bits and tools you will ever need for £25.

  • 5 combination spanners
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Claw hammer
  • 6 piece precision screwdriver set
  • Bit driver
  • 20 driver bits
  • Trimming knife
  • Plastic cable ties
  • Canvas toolbag

For £25, it's a lot of savings than paying extra to your removal company which could be in hundreds of pounds.

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