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Last Updated: September 20, 2018

Tips To Make House Moving Easier With Children

Moving House

Moving house is a nightmare on its own for 4 out of 5 movers. Moving a household which includes children could be even scarier. It could have a positive or negative impact on children and their behavior too.

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Explain your decision

Explain your decision and all the reasons why you took it and how it will impact the entire family.

Tell them how you feel yourself about the move. Encourage them to express their feelings and concerns.

If this is their first time moving, it could be particularly difficult for them. Just remember how difficult it was for yourself on your first time.

It's difficult for them too because they're leaving their family home. Another thing which will help is sharing with them your own first-move experience.

We all know children love to take things in their own hands. Let them know you'll be depending on for help out during the move, from packing to settling into the new place.

Take their comments into consideration

Once you've narrowed the choices down to two or three houses, always involve your children, especially if they're older. Try to discuss and get some feedback from them. after all, you all would be living there.

Let them know you'll take their comments into consideration when making the final decision. After you've picked the house, keep them posted through the process. Have a little celebration once you know you've got the house.

Cut through the clutter with children

A little while before the move time let the kids know that now is a great time to cut through the clutter. Starting early and doing it bit by bit will make it an easy job.

If you start late near the move, kids might not be fine or that much involved as they might see it as an extra load of work outside their normal routine.

Get the kids to help you go through the house Let them know that you don't want to toss everything.

It's OK to keep certain things that hold important memories. However, items, be they clothes, toys or electronics, that are no longer used, should be closely considered for the toss pile. And you don't have to toss them … you can sell, donate or recycle them.

Make rooms plan with them

It is very important to discuss before move which room they would like to take. You will also need to discuss if they would be sharing. If it is not up to their expectations, you need to start working on it before you move in to avoid any upsets. Also, let them decorate it themselves. As for younger kids, you can help them decide how to decorate their room.

Research the new neighborhood

Try to learn as much as possible about the new neighborhood, community, and town. Share what you find with your kids. You don't have to make everything sound wonderful; honest, matter-of-fact information will be most helpful.

Do take them for a new home visit

Before moving to take the whole family to visit your new neighborhood. It very important to take them to their new school. children have a fear of losing friends if they move, visiting a new school and interacting with staff and kids will help them overcome that.

Take them to neighborhood parks, libraries, museums, galleries and theaters (whichever interests them more). This will develop their interest more and will bring more ideas in at any times if they feel low or miss old home.

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