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your perfect home move timeline ( part one )

packing boxes and goods in room

Moving is stressful and difficult. All movers learn the hard way. One important aspect is setting up a timeline to make things go smooth, here is why.

Ask any who has been through it, 2 in 3 wish they never have to do it again. But like every other project you take in life, whether it's house improvement, buying new car, or getting married ... every thing is smooth if their is a well thought plan and that plan is executed well. Planning ahead, and designing a timeline before hand will make every thing run smoothly until the day arrives. For Many it's all about making an advance booking to a removal service and that is all. Things are not that simple when the dates are getting close

Two Months Prior

  • Visit the new premises and do a detailed survey of the new property Take the measurements and calculate the amount of space you will need. This will help you avoid any waste like old furniture and other stuff and help you arrange things well.

  • Keep records of everything you do in forms of reminders work done, things to do regarding your move in a file so all information is handy and at one place.

  • Purchase a notebook to keep reminders, to-do lists and other notes regarding your move in, so they are all in one place, and easy to find.

  • Make a complete inventory list: Get a copy signed by your moving company as well before the move begins. This will help you claim any damaged or lost items.

  • Explore, compare and finalise storage facilities. Booking in advance could get you discounts.

  • Inform your children school so that necessary records could be compiled and be ready to transfer.

  • Visit The next prospective school for your kids and have informations and discuss with management to avoid any surprises.

  • calulate how much and what packing material you will need and try Searching For Good Deals.

Six Weeks Prior

  • You should always start with exploring medical facilities like general practitioners (GP), Dental clinics and Veterinary clinics and nearest accidents and emergency.

  • Visit and review more than one school and try getting feedback from local community and grading services. Good schools have longer waiting lists, It's better to enroll early so that kids don't miss out on better opportunity.

  • Clear the Attic and pack all that unused stuff first. You might not have used ay for years anyway

  • Clean out closets. If you have items that are out of fashion, there's no point keeping them. It is even better to donate than packing and carrying to new place. It will reduce your move cost. Or you may sell them at car boot sale or even ebay. That might even cover your moving cost.

  • Try searching for Cleaning / Recycling / Disposal services as well. It is better to have booked in advance as last minute orders cost more and surprises.

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