WHY Wishmove?

wishmove.com is the go to place for people planning to move

  • Address: 41 Carlton Avenue
    Feltham, London, TW14 0EE
  • Phone: 0800 246 5469
  • Email: support@wishmove.com

so what is in the pipe line for wishmove

landing page for website

Wishmove is looking forward to engage with local charities to help those in need

At wishmove we strongly believe that a business is nothing without a tight knit community. Let me explain this. A community and company are oxygen for each other. Being part of a community, infact an active and productive member is what it takes for not only an indivudual to survive but it stands true for companies too.

This weekend we are engaging with our local Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ( RSPCA ) branch to help them move some of their old and disposable furniture.

What interesting is, It is not going to waste. Wishmove are taking it to local auction where it would be auctioned and moneys going to local Shelter from the Storm branch.

What's next after that? We are working over the weekend too. Wishmove is never shut. You can call / email us or request FREE Quotes online at any time. that's 24/7/365.

And this is not all we do.

Wishmove partner do not charge extra on weekends or holidays. Now this is actual savings and convinience.

Looking forward, Wishmove Team