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21 important things to do before moving your house to avoid troubles

moving home

House move is a daunting tasks. 9 out of 10 movers regret over failing to make on time updates of records.

  1. Notify your utility services few days prior to your move , double check with them for assurance. These links will help you get straight to contact information for major providers. British Gas E-ON NPOWER Scotish Power Edf Energy

  2. Inform TV Licencing Authority for your change of address.

  3. Inform HM Revenue & Customs for your change of address.

  4. Inform TV Licencing Authority for your change of address.

  5. Update DVLA for your change of address as it is an offence and could lead up to heafty fine.

  6. if you've changed address and need to update your details on the electoral register, you will need to re-register at your new address. In England, Scotland and Wales, you can do this online at gov.uk/register-to-vote. More information about moving your house and voting could be found here: About My Vote

  7. Update with all of your Subscriptions (Magazines, Charities etc).

  8. Always remember to update your records with your local authority / council. Failing to do so may result in extra bills sent to you like council tax etc.

  9. Always set your mail on redirection with Royal Mail Redirection service if you do not want to miss out on important correspondence.

  10. If you need, get an appointment for your locks changing for the day of your move.

  11. Check out local cable provider + phone services, get the appointment for the services installation or uninstallation.

  12. Have your child's record transferred to the new school.

  13. Never forget to inform you insurance providers as it could result in your insurance becoming invalid.

  14. Update your banks or building societies. It is not a good idea to let your financial information ending up in wrong hands.

  15. Figure out your nearest sites for waste facilities and their opening times and policies.

  16. Figure out your nearest sites for recycling materials as unwanted goods left behind or unattended could lead to big fines.

  17. Backup all your computer data for safety as moving is always a risky task.

  18. Switch off you fridge about 2 days before your move, so everything is defrosted and dried before you pack it to shift.

  19. Do not forget to take family photos in the old house.

  20. If you do not evacuate property up to standards, you may be charged with a hefty cleaning bill by your estate agent. Last minute bookings could be costly too. To avoid this, you should hire a good cleaning service for your old house one week before your big day.

  21. Last but not the least, always do your research before making a decision about removal service provider. Hire a good and caring moving company at least four weeks before your moving day. A as it could have a huge impact.